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Truck does drive better with toe set, acording to spec sheet caster and camber not in limits. It will still wear outside of tires. Thanks, George
Shop Comment
According to my computer printout the camber and toe is set perfectly. The caster reading, which does indicate outside of specs, is NOT a tire wear setting. Probably 90% of all vehicles on the road are built from the factory with the caster set outside of factory stated settings. We rarely change it, unless it is causing a problem. It will NOT cause tire wear. Thanks for taking the time to provide us with your comments.
    Paul & Jane06/24/2010
    Bill & Vickie06/17/2010
    Chris & Sara04/22/2010
    Greg & Shannon03/26/2010
    Dan & Sheila03/25/2010
Scott's Auto Service is the premier service center in the area, and provides much better service and advise then those in major dealerships.
    Rob & Sharon03/04/2010
this is nothing new, but i often refer and explain why i refer people to scotts...simply stated it is because anytime i have had scotts work on anything, they have fixed the problem correctly the first time. thanks guys.
    Kevin & Stacia02/04/2010
Scott and the crew did a wonderful job, VERY satisfied. Will have Scotts do all of my automotive work in the future. Thank you.
    Dan & Sheila01/23/2010
    Dan & Sheila11/19/2009
Scott's is the most professional service center in our area for any automotive needs.
    Rob & Sharon10/15/2009
Extremely satisfied. Thats why I keep comming back!!
If you have an endless source of money, go for if. They are good but very much in the wrong area for the service that they do. I told them what was the problems because I am a mechanic myself and couldn't do this myself as due to timing and purchase with warranty and was charged $142+ for them to tell me what I told them was wrong! I had already did there job and charged me for an estimate. They have all the money that they will get out of me! Can I rate lower than a 1? Counter guy is a know it all! Wanting to charge me $500 for a simple plugs and code reading .REALLY ?
Shop Comment
I'm sorry you were unhappy with the results of your testing. Our repair order tells a different story as to what was done to your vehicle. We do not charge for estimates after proper testing is performed. We don't charge for a "code read" as you call it, as we almost never perform one by itself, since it is only the first step in diagnosing a problem with any vehicle. Proper testing must be performed in order to determine what is causing the trouble code to set. The total for your bill included testing for three separate concerns (check engine light, runs bad or misses, transmission fluid leaking, and exhaust leaking) all of which require the time necessary to determine the source of the problem. I'm sorry that we are unable to live up to your expectations. In order for us to provide quality repairs, we MUST allow time to properly test for each concern, otherwise you will spend money needlessly on educated guesses instead of actually FIXING the vehicle.
This vehicle was apparently difficult to diagnoss after $500 plus in "diagnostic work" it turns out it had a short in a wire going to the backup lights. I really wished they could have checked something so simple first instead of taking the costly way. Only good thing they did find the problem of which i am thankful, but not sure i trust their method.
Shop Comment
Most people do not understand the difficulty in isolating an intermittent electrical problem. A couple of things you forgot to mention was that it had been to numerous other shops before ours, who had charged you several hundred dollars for repairs that did NOT fix your concern. That it was a very intermittent electrical short in the wiring harness. Or that you had been kept informed of the proper process, procedure, and cost during the entire process. With over 30 years of experience and a Bachelor's degree in electronic engineering, I was pretty happy with our procedure. I am sorry that you are not happy about the outcome (we fixed your car when "no one else could") Thank you for taking the time to comment on your service visit.
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